Install Odoo 9

Installation, Configuration

First get newest versions possible as per version requirements of dependencies of packages existing on the machine using.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Odoo Context

Diffrence between context and domain

Context: is a dictionary which contains some information like: user language, company, timezone, etc by default. You can pass any kind of data/inf...

Domain: is a condition(s) which is used to filter your data or for searching. For more information about domain see this....

List View Change

Thumbnail image

How to show Thumbnail image in list view? | Odoo
In sale order line when i select a product it should auto-populate the product image as well. I achieved this functionality to auto-populate the image. And this image is displaying as widget until in form view of sale order line. But once when i click on "save and close"....

Web Add Css and JS

receipt changes, add css

How to add a custom css?
What is the best way to add custom css to openerp 7 without modifying any original file of openerp?

Because the Point of Sale runs in your browser, it is sandboxed and cannot access your hardware directly. To solve that problem, we developed a custom proxy server that must be run on the client machine while running the point of sale. The Proxy server can access your hardware and forward commands to and from the Point of Sale.

Point of sale

hardware , configuration


Colors :
  • ( NOTE: Pre Defined Colors. You can change colors very easily )